July 10, 2015

“Delete” or “Erase” does not mean “Secure Erase”

          As technology grows so does crime and theft of personal information. Now a days, personal information lands in the wrong hands more than it should because hard drive are small, light and can be easy to break into. With technology giving individuals more space to store person information with a smaller device, it leads to a perfect storm for theft. When you go on your computer to “delete” or “erase” a certain part of information, the hard drive simply writes over the old information and the old information can be recovered. Also, smashing your hard drive does not stop hackers from getting into your hard drive and stealing your personal information.

Here at Secure Erase, we are here to help you stay you by protecting your information. We have a program that only 1 in 3 companies can access and it Secure Erases your hard drive. We are the only company that can bring the system to you so your information doesn’t leave your premise. Secure Erase makes your hard drive like its brand new with no content on it what-so-ever. Another great benefit of using our services is that you are helping to reduce the carbon footprint that we all are trying to decrease.